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ST. Peter Clava health centre hosts Youth Day Campaign


Anyone passing by the road could not ignore the cheerful faces of the young people of Tṧoeneng as they match to St. Peter Claver Health Centre during the fun walk, which was the commencing activity of the youth day campaign organised by St. Peter Clava Health Centre. The campaign was held on Saturday, the 23rd of October 2021 at the grounds of the health centre. This event came after the health centre realized the increasing numbers of teenage pregnancy and unplanned motherhood for young girls in the area and reluctancy of young people to access health services available to them. The topics covered during the campaign were as follows:

a) Covid -19 vaccine: The young people were informed about Covid-19 pandemic, its cause, how to prevent the infection and the purpose of the vaccine.

b) Cultural/religious perspective and interventions to curb teenage pregnancy and general conduct: The youth were reminded that as Christians, the human body is the temple of God and should be protected against any diseases that could harm the body and abstinence should be practiced before marriage.

c) The power of peer pressure and impact on young people’s health: The youth was advised to have self esteem in their individual decisions that will determine their future and talk more with their parents rather than relying on their friends for advice on anything that may affect their lives.

d) Sex and sexuality: The youth were made aware of the difference between sex and sexuality and how two links together to determine who they are and what they want in life.

e) Teenage pregnancy/unplanned pregnancy-its effects and prevention: The young people were made aware of the realities of getting pregnant at a young age and how it can affect their future. They were made aware that there are prevention methods that they can utilize to avoid unplanned pregnancy and infectious diseases due to unprotected intercourse.

f) STIs – prevention, signs, symptoms, and complications: The youth also learned about different sexually transmitted diseases that could affect them if they practice unprotected sex. They learned the signs, symptoms, and complications of STIs and how they can affect their sexual life in the future.

g) Utilization of the Health Centre: The youth was made aware that the health centre is there to assist them in anyway they may need help, either for health services or health talk.

h) Child marriage – causes, prevention, and control: The CGPU (Police department) addressed the youth on the appropriate and legal age for marriage (21 years), causes and prevention ways for child marriage.

i) Sharing session – common youth related health challenges: A representative from the youth addressed the youth with words of wisdom to encourage them to plan their future wisely and avoid rushing into adulthood.

j) Adolescent friendly health services: The services of the adolescent health corner were promoted, and the youth were advised to fully take responsibility of their health and access health services available to them at the health centre.

The event was heighted by the vaccination activity for covid -19 after the words of wisdom from all the invited speakers that addressed the youth on the issues that affect them.