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CHAL on the ground

CHAL opened ICU Maluti Advenstist Hospital through the support of Standard Lesotho bank


In an effort to manage Covid-19, CHAL has opened a new Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Maluti Adventist Hospital through the support of Standard Lesotho Bank. The medical equipment provided for the establishment of this ICU include 2 ventilators, 2 suction machines, 4 ambu bags, 4 ambu bags paeds, 36 endotracheal tubes, 2 glucometers and stripes, 2 examination lambs, 8 oxygen masks re-breather, 4 oxygen masks paediatrics and 4 oxygen masks adults. The ICU is made of 2 beds. This medical equipment worth M1,2 million.

Maluti Adventist Hospital was selected for establishment of this ICU mainly because Berea has been selected as a district for Covid-19 Management by Ministry of Health through Berea Hospital and therefore Maluti Adventist will be able to relief Berea Hospital for Covid-19 patients since it is also based in Berea district.

Standard Lesotho Bank not only supported the establishment of the ICU but also provided CHAL with thermometers and antiseptic soap which will benefit all the facilities of CHAL. Patients coming for health services will be screened for Covid-19 before they receive any other service.